Silence Kills Me

169H Gratisography

Silence kills me. I am unable to study or work in silence. There is something about silence that distracts me. It’s the possibility of something happening that isn’t happening that distracts me the most.

So I listen to music. It can’t be just any kind of music though. When I am at uni I can sometimes hear other student’s music though their headphones and they might be listening to something that can be found in a club on a Friday or Saturday night and I have no idea how they can concentrate. The music that I listen while to working needs to have focus itself which helps to pin down my own focus.

I’ve started back at uni this semester. Between work and uni and everything else I want to do in a day I have to focus when I sit down to my work. I can’t waste a moment. If I do I fall behind, I stress and then end up hiding in my bed from all the work that has piled up.

This week I have decided to start out strong so I am listening to Band of Horses – Cease to Begin. It was recommended to me by a friend. I asked him to recommend me something to listen to and within seconds he replied without even thinking about it. It has everything that I look for in a study album; It is focused, stylistically consistent, fun to listen to and has lyrics that distract me only sometimes. The album starts out strong with Is there a Ghost. Islands on the Coast is a personal favourite and by the time Windows Blue has rolled around I’ve worked for a solid 35 minutes and I am ready for a quick study break before I press play again and keep on going.

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