Tuesday Tunes – Wait in Line by James Bay

Music is a huge part of my everyday. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people also said this. I’m not into music enough to tell why one band is better than another, and while I understand in theory why records are ‘better’ than mp3s, I can’t actually hear the difference. I don’t listen to the radio so I couldn’t tell you what is in the top 30 or even recognise half the songs in this years Triple J Hottest 100. But I do know what I like and somehow keep discovering new music on a regular basis through various different channels.

What I would like to do each week is share with you that song I am listening to, the one that I can’t get out of my head and am just plain obsessed with. I will be creating a playlist on Spotify which I encourage you to follow. A new song will be added each week and I will be blogging about it here.


This song I have been obsessed with for a little while now. I am a sucker for an acoustic guitar and an honest sounding voice. This song has become a little bit of an anthem for me and when ever it pops up in my playlist I can’t help but sing along regardless of where I am. Which I have to be honest has caused me to embarrassed on more than one occasion.

I find that I identify with the lyrics quite strongly. I am currently in a stage of my personal and professional life where it’s only a matter of time when the hard work I am putting in now will eventually pay off. In the mean time I just having to keep waiting. What I like most about these lyrics is that despite the frustration he is also clearly feeling there is a sense of hope of the pay off eventually happening. “I know it will turn out right… I know one day I’ll get mine.” It reminds me that I will get there in the end, it will happen if I keep working at it.

If you have any suggestions for songs that you think I would like feel free to leave a comment below.

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