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I have a pile of unused notebooks in my cupboard and another under my bed. I have a canvas bag full of markers, biros and highlighters. I have sticky notes mixed in with my socks, and my desk drawer is overflowing. I suspect that I have enough pens and paper to get me through the next few years and still have some left over. Writing is not just about the words that go onto the page, but what the words and scribbles are made with.
As much of my life becomes more and more digital I am putting a physical pen to a physical piece of paper less and less. Yet they are still a huge part of my everyday life and how I work, learn and organise.
Today I wanted to share with you two of my favourite pens, what I look for in a pen and just the awesomeness of these tools of writing.

When I look for my ideal pen there are a few things that are a must for me:
1. I’m not a huge fan of ballpoint pens. Sure they go smoothly enough over the surface of a page, but there isn’t anything graceful about them or the way they make my writing look pretty average. I much prefer rollerball, or gel ink pens. May
2. The tip can’t be too big. My writing is big enough without it taking up even more space on a page than it actually needs. My writing also looks worse and is harder to read when writing with a thicker pen. I really quite like long, thin tips.
3. The ink must flow smoothly and cleanly and not come out of the pen in random blobs that get smudged easily and makes my page messy and get over my hands and are impossible to scrub off.
4. The ink shouldn’t be seeping through the page. I don’t think I need to explain this one. Ink bleeding through the page is annoying.

The first pen is the Kikki K Rainbow Gel Pen Essential – $1.95 AUD

This pen is a pleasure to work with. It’s a thin pen, which is a nice change from the rest of the Kikki K pen range, which I find to be a little too bulky. It’s thin and light enough to throw into my handbag and not have it get lost in the bottom somewhere. It has also so far survived the handbag test – the lid stays on nice and tight and so far has not leaked all over the place despite all the moving around and getting knocked about in my handbag. The colour range is simply delightful. It is a simple pen that earns it’s name – it is a becoming a true essential pen for me.

The second is the Easy Writer from Typo – $2.99 AUD

This is the pen that inspired this post. It meets all the above criteria and more. I was in love with this pen from the first uncapping. To start with this pen fits perfectly in my hand, I love the way it grips, it has a nice non-slip plasticity-rubbery casing and the tapering out towards the bottom of the pen is a nice touch. The plastic diamond tip is an unexpected feature that makes the pen’s pointed tip pretty to also look at. I’ve picked up a handful of these already and I can’t wait to continue writing with it.

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