Tuesday Tunes – Budapest by George Ezra

Tuesday-Tunes-BudapestThis week’s tune has been on high rotation on my iphone for sometime and it has appeared in a few of my regular playlists too. This is another song that I can’t help singing along to. I can’t help but sing out really loud “Give me one good reason I should never make a change.” I am unable to explain it.

I keep coming back to this track most mornings on my walk to uni or work. I love it because it is a great mood lifter. There is something about the beat and the tone of the lyrics that boosts my mood every time. And with the autumn weather here in Melbourne starting to prepare for the miserable and wet weather it is renown for, a great morning pick me up song is always called for.

Though I do have a secret that I have to admit about the lyrics of this song. Ever since I heard it for the first I thought most of the lyrics were nonsense words, especially the lines “I’d leave it all,” I thought George was singing “Do bee do.” Combine that with the all Oohs, who can blame me. Now that I know the lyrics, I still can’t help hearing all the nonsense. I’m attached to what I originally heard in my head, I guess.

While writing this post I did a little googling because that is what I do. I came across this video. It’s worth watching just for the little bit at the beginning about the origin of the song. I also have never been to Budapest despite having tickets and accommodation booked, but that is a story for another day.

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