Tuesday Tunes – Foolish Games by Jewel


There has been an awful lot of 90s nostalgia going on at the moment. I saw somebody the other day wearing ripped jeans, a white tank top and a flannelette shirt tied around their hips. They looked like they came straight out of a Smash Hits magazine (Who remembers Smash Hits? or I am just showing my age?) I read while I was in high school or straight off the set of Dawson’s Creek or 90210. I have also found that myself listening to the music I listened to when I grew up.

I rediscovered Jewel the other day after finding out that Savage Garden’s albums are not available in the Australian Spotify catalog. In all honesty when I think of 90s music I think of Alanis Moressitte and the Backstreet Boys. Jewel doesn’t come instantly to mind. Which is such a pity because I really do quite like her music. There is something about the music that I listened to when I was a teenager that is missing from the music that is released today. I’m not sure exactly what is. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out and let you know.

This song actually reminds of a girl I went to school with. She had the sheet music to this song and would play it in our high school music classes. She was much better at playing the piano than I was and it was always a pleasure to listen to her. She may have even sung it once too at a performance night. The song is delicate yet strong and full of character like she was and still is. While I’m not saying my friend was full of teenage angst, the song is full of the angst that the 90s was full of. We were all trying to find our place within the world and with the people around us. We were establishing what it meant to have feelings, especially what it meant to have feelings for other people. It was a confusing time and Foolish Games is all of that rolled into a sweet piano melody.

Follow the Tuesday Tunes playlist on Spotify. If you have any suggestions for songs that you think I would like or know why music today is missing something music from the 90s had, feel free to leave a comment below.

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