Tuesday Tunes – Bad Mood


Sometimes there are days where we all have a bad mood. Nothing seems to go right no matter what happens. Getting out of bed was the worst decision of the day and even though it isn’t even lunch time it’s best to just end the day, go home and just crawl back into bed. Bad moods happen. There is no denying that. I’ve had a few bad mood days recently. Mostly because I have been letting things that I have no control over stress me out. I don’t know how everybody else feels about bad moods, but I certainly don’t like them. I have different ways of tackling them. Sometimes it’s telling cheesy jokes, other times it is a cup of tea and a book away from other people. The other day it was playing angry loud music while I worked on an assignment.

I had Bad Mood by the Vaccines on repeat loudly the other night. There is something mood up lifting and mood enhancing about listening to somebody who is in a worse mood than you sing “I’m in a bad bad mood” over and over again. I’m sure there are some kind of studies that link music to mood. After about 1/2 an hour I was back in my usual, some what good mood ready to tackle the assignment I had been putting off.

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