Write Like

I want to write like Jane Austen
Centuries later I’m still relevant
My characters are never forgotten
My words just as beautiful and elegant

I want to write like Hemingway
Less is more to be descriptive
Writers will want to be like me someday
My style is simple and distinctive

I want to write like J. K. Rowling
My stories around the world resonate
Hordes of fans for my new book howling
That Stephen Fry will indeed narrate

I want to write like Raymond Chandler
Who created poetry from crime
Master of a witty style of banter
Marlow always working against time

I want to write like Stephen King
Who measures talent by pay checks
His stories and character's have a sting
They are scary and fun and quite complex

I want to write like Neil Gaiman 
With quirky characters and flip convention
Redefine graphic novel stories like he did with Sandman
And do so without any pretension.