Tuesday Tunes – Bad Mood


Sometimes there are days where we all have a bad mood. Nothing seems to go right no matter what happens. Getting out of bed was the worst decision of the day and even though it isn’t even lunch time it’s best to just end the day, go home and just crawl back into bed. Bad moods happen. There is no denying that. I’ve had a few bad mood days recently. Mostly because I have been letting things that I have no control over stress me out. I don’t know how everybody else feels about bad moods, but I certainly don’t like them. I have different ways of tackling them. Sometimes it’s telling cheesy jokes, other times it is a cup of tea and a book away from other people. The other day it was playing angry loud music while I worked on an assignment.

I had Bad Mood by the Vaccines on repeat loudly the other night. There is something mood up lifting and mood enhancing about listening to somebody who is in a worse mood than you sing “I’m in a bad bad mood” over and over again. I’m sure there are some kind of studies that link music to mood. After about 1/2 an hour I was back in my usual, some what good mood ready to tackle the assignment I had been putting off.

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Tuesday Tunes – Foolish Games by Jewel


There has been an awful lot of 90s nostalgia going on at the moment. I saw somebody the other day wearing ripped jeans, a white tank top and a flannelette shirt tied around their hips. They looked like they came straight out of a Smash Hits magazine (Who remembers Smash Hits? or I am just showing my age?) I read while I was in high school or straight off the set of Dawson’s Creek or 90210. I have also found that myself listening to the music I listened to when I grew up.

I rediscovered Jewel the other day after finding out that Savage Garden’s albums are not available in the Australian Spotify catalog. In all honesty when I think of 90s music I think of Alanis Moressitte and the Backstreet Boys. Jewel doesn’t come instantly to mind. Which is such a pity because I really do quite like her music. There is something about the music that I listened to when I was a teenager that is missing from the music that is released today. I’m not sure exactly what is. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out and let you know.

This song actually reminds of a girl I went to school with. She had the sheet music to this song and would play it in our high school music classes. She was much better at playing the piano than I was and it was always a pleasure to listen to her. She may have even sung it once too at a performance night. The song is delicate yet strong and full of character like she was and still is. While I’m not saying my friend was full of teenage angst, the song is full of the angst that the 90s was full of. We were all trying to find our place within the world and with the people around us. We were establishing what it meant to have feelings, especially what it meant to have feelings for other people. It was a confusing time and Foolish Games is all of that rolled into a sweet piano melody.

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Tuesday Tunes – Budapest by George Ezra

Tuesday-Tunes-BudapestThis week’s tune has been on high rotation on my iphone for sometime and it has appeared in a few of my regular playlists too. This is another song that I can’t help singing along to. I can’t help but sing out really loud “Give me one good reason I should never make a change.” I am unable to explain it.

I keep coming back to this track most mornings on my walk to uni or work. I love it because it is a great mood lifter. There is something about the beat and the tone of the lyrics that boosts my mood every time. And with the autumn weather here in Melbourne starting to prepare for the miserable and wet weather it is renown for, a great morning pick me up song is always called for.

Though I do have a secret that I have to admit about the lyrics of this song. Ever since I heard it for the first I thought most of the lyrics were nonsense words, especially the lines “I’d leave it all,” I thought George was singing “Do bee do.” Combine that with the all Oohs, who can blame me. Now that I know the lyrics, I still can’t help hearing all the nonsense. I’m attached to what I originally heard in my head, I guess.

While writing this post I did a little googling because that is what I do. I came across this video. It’s worth watching just for the little bit at the beginning about the origin of the song. I also have never been to Budapest despite having tickets and accommodation booked, but that is a story for another day.

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Tuesday Tunes – Crystals by Of Monsters and Men

Tuesday Tunes Crystals

Week two of Tuesday Tunes comes after a pretty relaxed four day weekend that was well overdue. I don’t very often get 1 day off from work and uni so having four days was pretty amazing. I’ve reset my mind and I think I am ready to tackle all the work I know I have between me and the rest of the semester, I think. This week I wanted to share something that currently reflects the mellowness of my current mood.

I discovered Of Monsters and Men by accident about a year after they released their first album, My Head is an Animal. I like to listen to them when I need a little bit of a pick me up. This may be after a long day at work and I am walking home or while I am trying to find motivation to study. I find the album, refreshing, invigorating and simple. Much like a mellow Sunday afternoon should be.

Crystals is the first single Of Monsters and Men have released from their upcoming album, Beneath The Skin, which is due out in June this year. The track does not disappoint. It continues with their signature simple but catchy melodies, the all too singable lyrics and drum beats that are impossible to not tap your feet to. Crystals is just making me impatient for the upcoming album.

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Tuesday Tunes – Wait in Line by James Bay

Music is a huge part of my everyday. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people also said this. I’m not into music enough to tell why one band is better than another, and while I understand in theory why records are ‘better’ than mp3s, I can’t actually hear the difference. I don’t listen to the radio so I couldn’t tell you what is in the top 30 or even recognise half the songs in this years Triple J Hottest 100. But I do know what I like and somehow keep discovering new music on a regular basis through various different channels.

What I would like to do each week is share with you that song I am listening to, the one that I can’t get out of my head and am just plain obsessed with. I will be creating a playlist on Spotify which I encourage you to follow. A new song will be added each week and I will be blogging about it here.


This song I have been obsessed with for a little while now. I am a sucker for an acoustic guitar and an honest sounding voice. This song has become a little bit of an anthem for me and when ever it pops up in my playlist I can’t help but sing along regardless of where I am. Which I have to be honest has caused me to embarrassed on more than one occasion.

I find that I identify with the lyrics quite strongly. I am currently in a stage of my personal and professional life where it’s only a matter of time when the hard work I am putting in now will eventually pay off. In the mean time I just having to keep waiting. What I like most about these lyrics is that despite the frustration he is also clearly feeling there is a sense of hope of the pay off eventually happening. “I know it will turn out right… I know one day I’ll get mine.” It reminds me that I will get there in the end, it will happen if I keep working at it.

If you have any suggestions for songs that you think I would like feel free to leave a comment below.

Silence Kills Me

169H Gratisography

Silence kills me. I am unable to study or work in silence. There is something about silence that distracts me. It’s the possibility of something happening that isn’t happening that distracts me the most.

So I listen to music. It can’t be just any kind of music though. When I am at uni I can sometimes hear other student’s music though their headphones and they might be listening to something that can be found in a club on a Friday or Saturday night and I have no idea how they can concentrate. The music that I listen while to working needs to have focus itself which helps to pin down my own focus.

I’ve started back at uni this semester. Between work and uni and everything else I want to do in a day I have to focus when I sit down to my work. I can’t waste a moment. If I do I fall behind, I stress and then end up hiding in my bed from all the work that has piled up.

This week I have decided to start out strong so I am listening to Band of Horses – Cease to Begin. It was recommended to me by a friend. I asked him to recommend me something to listen to and within seconds he replied without even thinking about it. It has everything that I look for in a study album; It is focused, stylistically consistent, fun to listen to and has lyrics that distract me only sometimes. The album starts out strong with Is there a Ghost. Islands on the Coast is a personal favourite and by the time Windows Blue has rolled around I’ve worked for a solid 35 minutes and I am ready for a quick study break before I press play again and keep on going.